Thank you! You are amazing! Holy cow…. I know so little in your area and this info blows my mind! So happy you ‘Get’ these kids!!! My pleasure referring.

Psy., D.

I wanted to thank you for the work, effort and time you put into to developing my son’s speech these last few months. Your methodology works in ways that the school systems and his previous therapists can’t match.

By going to the root cause, muscular strength and development, I’ve watched my sons’ speech development and willingness to speak take off. I’ve barely scratched the surface of the gratitude I have for you and what you’ve done for my son, but so as not to drag this out, thank you.


Eric Buechler dad and SFC, US Army, Retired

BREAKTHROUGH!  He just pointed to the Zippy’s container and said “p-Zippy”.  What a breakthrough! What a miracle! Thank-you God! Praise Jesus!!  Aloha

D.S. Dad

“Look Ms. Trini, I’m trying cereal with milk!”…

…. That gives me good thoughts. Thank you. ~ one of our own!

SSH Therapist

Words cannot express our gratitude to you for helping our son to speak.  From tattling on his sister to telling a story about garbage cans, he can now be a part of the world.  Thank you for going with us on his journey.  With Aloha

J.D. Mom

Every once in a while, someone comes along who restores my faith in humanity…she just cares and has given me the confidence to help my own children.


At first I was skeptical; I have taken my son to see a few speech therapists and did not see much improvement. After two weeks with Ms. Myers, my husband and I couldn’t believe the results; it is incredible! My son’s progression has been remarkable. Thanks to Ms. Myers for her caring and patience.


Carolinda does an outstanding job with children who need help in speech and tongue thrust problems. She has worked with children at our school and I am pleased with the results.


As a physician, I am appreciate of your intervention on our children’s behalf… The lives of our children will forever be enhanced by our association with you and we are eternally grateful for that.

Dr. J. Luban, M.D.

The results have been incredible. My son’s progression has been remarkable!


I am skilled at identifying those who bring an unusual level of giftedness to their work. Ms. Myers is certainly one of those rare individuals.

Gail B., RN, MSN